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2013-04-28 06:02 am

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Precision. Accuracy.
Obscured behind the murky depths of life.
The rocky crags of worries misheard.
Misunderstood. Repeated. Repeated. Repeated.
Once easily found but now uncharted.
The pride within washed away.
They lurk, still there, like hidden treasure.
Waiting for the pirates of the bay.
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2009-05-01 08:28 am

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The Goal: Be Creative Here

The Reality: I'll get lazy after a few days and never touch dreamwidth except to comment to other people.

The Denial: I really hope the Reality isn't true.

The Layout: Found here with instructions for installation here. I'm not satisfied with this cramped style but hey, it looks prettier than that Negative one. It was fairly easy to install too.